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  • DAY ONE: Tour of Bellavista Nanay, Navigate the Amazon River, feed alligators and piranhas.  Visit the Animal Rescue Center."
    One of our guides together with our driver will pick you up from your hotel or the airport to start this trip that we are sure will be a beautiful experience. We will go to Bellavista-Nanay, an exotic place north of our city where we will make a brief tour of the small market and be able to learn about the local products: Aguaje, suri, regional juices, jungle fruits, fish, etc.< /p> Our guide will briefly explain about everything we can find in this place. Later, we will take our boat to our hostel. We will have the opportunity to clearly see the change in the type of water. The Nanay River pours its black waters into the Majestic Amazon River, which has a color similar to coffee with milk, thus giving a clear view of the two different rivers. Our Guide will explain the reason for the differences in its colors and will make a brief historical overview of the Amazon River before starting to navigate its mighty waters. After spending 30 minutes -approximately- in our boat, we will arrive at Fundo Pedrito. An exotic place located on the shores of the Amazon, where we can meet the Victoria Regia, which is known for being the aquatic plant with the largest leaves in the world. However, Fundo Pedrito is better known for being a breeding ground for the voracious piranhas, alligators and the giant pirarucú, also known as Paiche, the largest freshwater fish in the world. In this place you will not only be able to see them, but also feed them. We need to continue our trip to the shelter, where we will arrive around 12:30pm. The cabins will be assigned according to the number of people in your group. Then, we will have a delicious lunch in the spacious dining room. This afternoon, after an hour of rest, we will visit Fundo Neyser, where we will find monkeys, sloths, parrots, macaws and the fearsome Anaconda. Before our return to the lodge, we will go in search of pink dolphins while we contemplate a beautiful sunset in the Amazon River. Dinner will be served in the lodge dining room and after having enjoyed it, we will go on a walk through the forest in search of frogs, tarantulas, insects and some nocturnal birds.
  • DAY TWO: Monkey and bird watching. Piranha fishing. Search for pink dolphins. Visit to the Yagua tribe. Walk in the woods. Return to the city of Iquitos.
    Today is the beginning of a promising day and we will start it very early in the morning by going out looking for birds. We will navigate through the Quebrada Timicurillo in order to see as many birds as possible. We will return to the lodge to have a good breakfast. Then we will go out to fish for piranhas in the Amazon River or one of its tributaries. It is good to mention that, in our attempt, we will also be able to fish other species such as catfish, sardines, mojarras, palometas, etc. However, our objective is to catch the voracious red piranhas. We will have lunch at the lodge and as soon as we have finished, we will pack our luggage to start our trip back to the city of Iquitos. ​ NOTE: Approximate arrival time to the city: 5:00pm. All our programs are flexible and the activities may change order in the itinerary depending on weather conditions. ​ ​ ​

Comunidades Locales

Experience an ideal  experience of  natural wonders together with native cultural history.

Despite the rural atmosphere, there are many pockets of civilization within the jungle. In addition to plants and animals, the Amazon Basin includes a diversity of traditional inhabitants. These people have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years and their lifestyles and customs are well adapted to this environment.

Contrary to popular belief, their daily living does not significantly harm their home environment. Their work day is mostly occupied by subsistence activities such as fishing, small-scale agriculture, gathering and hunting. Their survival depends on their intimate relationship with their natural surroundings.

However, in the quest for Amazonia’s treasures–minerals, oil, animal skins, precious stones and metals, to name a few–biological diversity has become the victim. These “green treasures” are the wealth that hold great promises for Earth and mankind in the future. At Samiria Expeditions, we are dedicated to preserving the natural integrity of the jungle and its native inhabitants all while sharing and discovering its grandest allures.

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